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Foil Emboss Combo - Die.jpg

Foil & Emboss Dies

Foil & Emboss Combination (Also known as a 'Combo' or ‘Same Pass’. A raised image, or a male image, with an emboss applied to the image area) - The waste material, around the image is machined away to leave a raised image on the die. The raised image on the die will have an emboss engraved into it. 

3D Mock Up of Your Foil Emboss Dies

Our bespoke software is designed to create a 3D mockup of your finished foil effect that perfectly matches your die. With our world-leading software, you can get a realistic preview of your design before it goes into production on our CNC machines. Trust us to bring your vision to life with precision, accuracy, and an unrivaled timeframe.

We are committed to delivering your project on time, every time.

Apple Die_edited.jpg

Foil Emboss Combination Die - Raised Round

Our team of experts are committed to creating the highest quality tools for our clients and ensuring the utmost satisfaction. We are proud to offer our latest innovation, which is a Foil Emboss Same Pass Die with a machined Aluminium Counter Part. This new product is designed to help our clients achieve perfection in all their printing needs.


Foil Emboss Combination - Counter Part

Our machined Aluminium Counter Part highlights the quality and precision we offer in all of our Dies. The accuracy to allow this counterpart to fit the accompanying Emboss Die is unmatched and created an excellent printed result.

Die + Counter Close Up_edited.jpg

Foil Emboss Combination Die & Counter Part

Together our Foil Emboss Same Pass, with a machined Aluminium Counter Part, are a match made in heaven. Printers enjoy these two dies as they fit together perfectly with the new pins and washers. The washers help to keep the counterpart level and the pins lock them both together to aid in a quicker makeready on the printing machine.

Printed Sample.jpg

Foil Emboss Combination Die - Printed Label

Here is the printed result of the Foil Emboss Combination Die. You can see the raised round looking amazing and the registration of the foil and emboss is perfect. The Foil Emboss Same Pass, with a machined Aluminium Counter Part, creates a perfect result each and every time.

Counter Pins.jpeg

Counter Pins

Our new Counter Pins with washers and a custom tool to remove them are designed to make your Foil Emboss Same Pass Dies more accurate and efficient. These are supplied with every Die using a Counter part. You can also remove the Washers for use with a normal Emboss Die. Our team of experts are continuously pushing design ideas that improve our products.

Foil Emboss Montague.jpg

Sculptured Foil Emboss

Bring a new level of sophistication to your products with our Foil Emboss Combination CNC Tooled Die. Our foil with high sculptured emboss detail will help you achieve a perfect printed result every time. Stand out from the competition with the exquisite details and outstanding quality of our Foil Emboss Combination Dies.

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