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Emboss Dies

Emboss  (A sunk image, or a female image) - The image area is machined away to leave a hole the shape of the image into the die. No distortion is applied to an emboss die as generally heat is not applied to the die. The image will be flipped to appear wrong reading on the die. We also supply a Standard or Premium Counter Part.

Emboss Crabtree.jpg

Pillow Emboss

Our Pillow Emboss Dies are one of our most popular products, and for good reason. We take great pride in ensuring that every Die we manufacture meets the highest standards of quality and precision. This customer was extremely happy with the final printed labels.

Multilevel Emboss.jpeg

Multilevel Emboss

Experience the difference of our Multilevel Emboss. Thanks to our advanced programming and CNC tooling method, we can create intricate, detailed designs that are sure to impress. This die created an amazing final printed product.

Emboss - Woodgrain.jpeg

Sculptured Emboss

With our Sculptured Emboss Dies, you can add a stunning and unique touch to your printed product. This Woodgrain Emboss created an amazing pattern that elevated the look and feel of the printed label. Our Dies are tooled with precision to provide you with exceptional results every time.

Emboss - Flat Emboss.jpg

Standard Flat Emboss

Our embosses are unparalleled in their precision and durability. Made with the latest CNC Tooling technology, we can produce flat embosses with specific angles and any depth you require. Whether you need one flat emboss or a four, they will be identical each and every time.

Standard Counter.jpg

Standard Counterpart

Introducing our Standard Counterpart! Our carefully crafted casting of an Emboss Die is an exact mirror of the die used in the Embossing process. Our Standard Counterpart for General Printed Products, and a relieved Counterpart for the Label Industry offer excellent results every time.

Counter Pins.jpeg

Counter Pins

Ambrow Etch is at the forefront of CNC tooling and die technology, providing innovative solutions for all your printing needs. Our new Counter Pins with washers and a custom tool to remove them are designed to make your Foil Emboss Same Pass Dies more accurate and efficient. You can also remove the Washers for use with a normal Emboss Die. Our team of experts are continuously pushing design ideas that improve our products.

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