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Our Environment & Sustainability

As a responsible manufacturer, we understand the importance of environmentally friendly production methods. Unlike the days of using the Acid Etching Process, we don't use harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process for the benefit of our beautiful environment and staff. Additionally, our Aluminium dies have no environmental impact during manufacturing, and they're recyclable.


With Ambrow Etch, you can be confident that your manufacturing needs are met with our environment and staff in mind.

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Solar Power

We believe in utilising the power of the sun to help create a sustainable future. That's why we've installed 25kw of solar power on the roof of our building. Our solar is feeding into the grid ensuring that a significant portion of our energy needs are met through clean and renewable sources. We've also outfitted our facility with energy-efficient LED lighting. We are also using low energy and eye saving monitors, doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint while still delivering top-quality CNC tooling and die services.

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We believe that we have created a business where precision and sustainability meet. We specialise in CNC tooling and die cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, using the latest technology to produce accurate results every time. And, we do it all with zero waste - our CNC tooling generates only swarf, which we 100% recycle. Our commitment to precision and sustainability sees us leading the pack in an industry that is still using hazardous chemicals.

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