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About Us

At Ambrow Etch, we’ve been manufacturing and using machine dies for over 40 years, constantly striving to provide our customers with high-quality CNC tooling and die services. We take pride in our South Australian roots and our drive to provide our customers with the best possible service. Our team of experts draws from decades of experience in the industry, and we're confident that we can help you achieve your goals.

Ambrow Etch produce the highest quality commercial Tooling Dies specialising in the Wine & Beer Label Industry, General Print as well as Plastics and Leather Industries. Our skilled employees can also create one off CNC tooled solutions for many other industries.

We employ quality trades people covering design & artwork, CNC programming, CNC tooling, letterpress printing and hand engraving. We use latest world leading technology and CNC machinery to produce our products.

All our dies are made with CNC tooling, which is far higher quality than the outdated Acid Etch process, not to mention much safer for our employees and kinder to our environment. Our Foil and Emboss dies are tooled with the exact same precision which provides repeatability on multiple copies of one die or a die created years apart.

We can tool with a precision of 0.002mm accuracy which is important when producing high quality detailed foil dies, especially foil art, and sculptured foil/embosses. Our process does not use harsh chemicals, and all our waste is 100% recyclable.

We are creating over 100 Foil and Emboss Dies for many printers around Australia a day. Our delivery works on a next day basis, with many of our dies being same day service. 

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