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Foil Art Dies

Foil Art (A raised image, or a male image) These dies are also know as Nano Emboss, or Micro Emboss - The waste material, around the image is machined away to leave a raised image on the die. Within that raised image a second level of detail is engraved to produce a unique design or pattern. A distortion is generally applied to allow for the expansion of the plate when it is heats up. The image will be flipped to appear wrong reading on the die.

Foil Royal Musk.jpg

Printed Foil on a Wine Label

This customers CNC tooled die produced an excellent foil result. Our advanced technology allows for precise and intricate details, so you can create anything your heart desires. Our CNC tooling can enhance your creative projects and achieve a perfect foil every time.

Foil - Lips.jpg

Foiling with fine detail

Getting the perfect result with our high-quality CNC Tooled Die. One of our customers were very happy with the finished print. A combined result of our precise and accurate tooling, and an excellent printed product. 

Hand Detail Plate.jpg

Intricate Details

When it comes to intricate designs, this Die featured a level of detail that cannot be achieved through an Acid Etch process. We use state-of-the-art CNC Tooling to ensure that you get the best accuracy for your project. 

LA Fine Detail.jpg

Fine Detail

Our Foil Dies are perfect for fine detailing work. With exceptional precision and accuracy, these dies will make sure you get the outcome you desire. The quality of our CNC Tooling is unmatched, and this die is no exception.

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